React Developer

Skill Requirements

Must have 3 - 4 years of experience as a developer working specifically with frontend technologies, mostly on React.

Expert understanding of JavaScript, React, and Server less Architecture (Firebase/AWS).

Expert understanding of Redux and its architecture.

Excellent knowledge of ES6 and the new versions.

APIs, and application integration with various third-party APIs.

Good knowledge of TDD and BDD development.

Basic understanding of webpack/grunt/gulp/docker.

Basic understanding of Automated/Unit Testing.

Familiarity with version control tools (GIT, CVS, SVN).

Contribution to applications or modules relating to web development in GitHub.

Underanding of a synchronicity, exception handling, parallelism, chaining, and web sockets.

Experience with React Native, Basic understanding of Android Studio and XCoan de will give additional advantage.

Job Responsibility

Working with developers abroad and locally to create, modify, and resolute bugs for an offshore customer of app and web applications.

The candidate will be working with various teams but it is important that he/she is capable of working independently and are able to quickly pick up new technologies.

The role will be mostly responsible for front-end/mobile app development based or React.

Take part in development as a member of our development teams.

Collaborate within the development team to assess the capacity for work, form sprint and release duration-based work commitments.

Provide daily status to the team, tracking progress on a shared project timeline.

Produce clean, efficient, reliable, and maintainable code.

Monitor the maintenance and enhancement backlog queues and work to continually improve the software products.

Use modern technology to build accessible, innovative, and highly interactive user interfaces.

Willingness to work in an environment that reflects and adapts to our clients needs and market demands.

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React Developer