What is a manpower company?

A group of companies, also known as a corporate group or conglomerate, is a collection of companies that are owned and controlled by a single parent company or holding company. The parent company typically owns a significant portion of the shares of each subsidiary company and has the power to make decisions that affect the subsidiaries.
The subsidiaries in a group of companies can be structured in a variety of ways, including as separate legal entities, branches of the parent company, or divisions within the parent company. Each subsidiary may have its own management team and operate with a certain degree of autonomy, but ultimately, the parent company has the authority to make decisions that affect the subsidiaries.

The advantages of a group of companies include economies of scale, shared resources, and the ability to diversify risks. The parent company can also use its influence over the subsidiaries to ensure they operate in a coordinated manner and pursue common goals. However, there are also potential disadvantages, such as conflicts of interest between the parent company and subsidiaries, increased complexity in managing multiple entities, and legal or reputational risks if a subsidiary engages in unethical or illegal behavior.